Innovative Academy

About Us

The Variable Assign Academy is a 17-week, immersive software engineering program for a candidate that is willing to better their lives. The program is driven by three core values: education, creativity, and mentorship...

The Program is Fun, Agile, Easy, Intuitive, User-Friendly ...

Once you graduate you become an employee that is fluent in Computer Science fundamentals like data structures, and object-oriented programming, Angular, React, HTML & CSS, NodeJS frameworks (Express.js, Hapi.js), SQL, and test-driven development.

  • Graduates are employees
  • Tuition is deferred until graduation
  • Women tution Incentives
  • 1 on 1 mentorship

Our team comprises of over 10 years of experience in the technology industries, working in mulitple domains. We have established many relationship with partners to ensure your career grows within our company.

Our students become strong user interface (UI) engineer through our mentorship program. Designed to ensure the our developers understand the role of a UI engineery in it's entirety.

Why Choose Us?

Coding schools are pricey, and at the Variable Assign Academy if your worried about finding a job you won't have to. Variable Assign students are Variable Assign employees. Ater school you role right onto a job site.

Cutting Edge Technology

We work with current enterprise technologies that our partners are using.

Remote Flexibility

Our school wholes class twice a week and three days you are remote to work around your schedule .

Lifetime Mentorship

You will always have a senior developer dedicated to you while you are on site.

And Wait for it?

Guaranteed to work, your rolled from the school house to the work force.

Our Curriculum

We constantly are interacting with our vendors to ensure we are training our developers on cutting edge technologies our partners demand.

Computer Science

Emerging fundamentals into front-end, back-end, and database technologies courses.

User Interface (UI)

Strong HTML5/CSS/ES6 course that flows directly into Angular, React.js, and Vue.js.

REST API Technologies

The primary focus is on NodeJS popular rest-apis express.js, hapi.js and the we target GraphQl.

ORM Layer

We take time to focus on database fundamentals and then move into ORM libs like mongoose and sequelize.

Source Control

Version control is taken very serious and it's propbably one of the first things we 'push' on.

Cloud Services

Understanding high level is crucial to understanding where you fit in the stack. We dive quickly into the deployment process with AWS tools.

Our Student who are Developers Now